Contact Evolve -- A Self-Managed, Monthly-Only, Shared Work Space

We only have monthly memberships. We don’t have a concierge which would be necessary to manage shorter-term visitors.

Anyone Entering the Space Must Be Vaccinated

Billing is month-to-month, per person. You are welcome to use the space for shorter times but the minimum fee is for one month. (The overhead of managing shorter times does not make sense for us). This is a non-traditional co-working space and is predominantly self managed, so we don’t have a staff person to handle drop-ins.

You may begin any day of the month, and you will be automatically billed on that day each month.

There are several coffee shops in town that provide internet if that’s all you need. If you want a closed space for a short time, you might find one of the local hotels will serve your needs.

– Montly Memberships Only