111 Elk Ave 2nd Floor, Crested Butte, Colorado

Join us in the heart of Crested Butte for a shared work experience. Located on Elk Avenue in the midst of restaurants and coffee shops, with a balcony and views of the avenue. We provide a quiet environment (headphones suggested) and well-behaved dogs are welcome. There are two conference rooms, high-speed fiber wireless, comfortable Aeron-style office chairs, desks and couches.

Open Desks: $200/month

Dedicated Desks: $300/month

This is a self-managed workspace. There will be some organizational inconveniences as we develop ourselves.

There will be some isolated periodic construction (mostly paint work) as I continue to improve the space.

Monthly Memberships Only

This is a non-traditional co-working space and is predominantly self managed, so we don’t have a staff person to handle drop-ins. There are several coffee shops in town that provide internet if that’s all you need. Octopus, at the West end of Elk (the next block up from Evolve), tends to be fairly open and usually has a significant amount of available space.

We bill month-to-month, so you can choose to rent for a single month, but that is the minimum.

Sound & Phone Use

An important part of coworking is being around other people and having interesting conversations. We certainly want to encourage this, but in a way that doesn’t prevent focus when you need it.

If your job is nothing but taking and making phone calls or remote meetings, it’s not a good fit. Noise complaints are taken seriously. Disturbance is something I want to be careful about, to make sure everyone has a good experience.

Of course, people do need to sometimes have calls or remote meetings. The primary concern is intrusiveness. We have people that do regular video conferencing from their desks. This isn’t intrusive because they wear headsets and can be relatively quiet without impacting their meeting.

Headphones (noise-cancelling if you’re sensitive) are a recommended addition to your coworking kit. Not only will they exclude sound, they indicate to others that you’re “in the zone” and would prefer to be left alone. Even better is a headset with a built-in microphone.

If you think a call will be intrusive, we have spaces that can be used for such calls:

  • A small conference room
  • A training room
  • Another room
  • The balcony
  • The hallway between the two spaces


  • High-speed wireless via a fiber connection via Internet Colorado. 100 Mbs/s both ways, and we can increase the speed when it becomes necessary. So far everyone is happy with the speed.
  • Memberships include 247 access via electronic locks connected to your smart phone.
  • For security and safety, the space has recorded video surveilance.
  • Invoicing is automatic and you may set up automatic payments as well.
  • Well-behaved dogs are welcome.
  • A contract, including a code of conduct, is coming.
  • For internet security, we recommend using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) such as Proton VPN.
  • Two separate spaces on the same floor.
  • Balcony overlooking Elk Avenue.
  • Two conference rooms. If no one has reserved them, you may work or make calls from these.